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Operating globally, Management Mobility Consulting specializes in relocation, immigration, and global mobility services, with a strong presence in Lyon. Lyon is a thriving business hub known for its dynamic economy and diverse industries, attracting international businesses and fostering innovation. With our expertise and seamless relocation process, we ensure a smooth transition for your workforce to Lyon's vibrant business ecosystem.

Lyon, strategically located at the crossroads of business, culture, and innovation, offers a captivating environment for businesses and international mobility.

As a dynamic and vibrant city, Lyon provides endless opportunities for expatriate employees and their families. They can immerse themselves in a rich cultural exchange, access bilingual or multilingual schools, embrace the essence of Lyon's lifestyle, discover iconic landmarks, and indulge in the diverse flavors of traditional French cuisine.

Your employees relocated to this remarkable city of Lyon will undoubtedly be thrilled with the exceptional experiences that await them in this thriving French metropolis!

MyMobility Web App on iPhone


Always at the forefront of technology, we have developed our own digital platform allowing expatriates and Human Resources departments to:

  • Consult the relocation services in Lyon, France or any other country and monitor the progress of the services at a glance.
  • Access useful information in one click for both the employee (on international mobility) and the HR department (rental contract, useful addresses, subscriptions, savings, etc.)
  • Download directly and securely the documents which are necessary for the successful completion of the relocation mission.
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Your Relocation to Lyon

General Information

Lyon, the captivating city in eastern France, exudes a distinct charm and sophistication. With its impressive architectural landmarks, such as the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière and the Renaissance-era Old Town, Lyon proudly displays its rich history and cultural heritage. As a thriving metropolis, Lyon effortlessly combines its reputation as a culinary capital with a thriving arts scene, offering a delightful blend of gastronomy, creativity, and intellectual pursuits. Its unique blend of tradition and innovation makes Lyon a cherished gem within Europe, captivating visitors from around the world.


Lyon, a bustling economic hub in France, showcases a vibrant and diverse economy. The city is home to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and finance. Lyon's strategic location and excellent infrastructure have attracted both national and international businesses, contributing to its economic growth. With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, Lyon has fostered a thriving startup ecosystem, positioning itself as a center for technology and research. The city's economic dynamism is further complemented by its strong service sector, including tourism, hospitality, and professional services.


Lyon prioritizes the well-being of its residents through a comprehensive healthcare system. Public health insurance ensures essential coverage for all residents, while private health insurance options offer additional benefits and personalized care. Lyon's network of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities provides accessible and high-quality medical services, making it a center of excellence in healthcare.


Lyon is renowned for its commitment to education, offering a diverse range of institutions that cater to various interests and aspirations. The city embraces its cultural diversity and promotes a vibrant educational environment, with each district contributing to the educational landscape through unique policies, curricula, and qualifications. Lyon's educational institutions adhere to government guidelines while fostering an atmosphere of innovation and academic excellence.


Lyon, a vibrant city in France, attracts a diverse community of expatriates seeking to embrace the country's rich culture and dynamic lifestyle. Alongside other captivating French cities like Paris, Metz, Marseille, and Nice, Lyon offers a unique blend of history, art, and gastronomy. As expatriates settle into Lyon, they will discover a multitude of opportunities for cultural immersion, access to bilingual schools, and a thriving expat community. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in finding suitable accommodation, ensuring a seamless transition for the expatriate and their family as they embark on their Lyon adventure.

Family Relocation
  • «I appreciate a lot the flexibility and the reactivity. In a such challenging market as Paris' real estate, going fast is key.»

    Jean M., 12/2020
  • «Great advice, sufficient time spent to show the area, provided good summary of valuable resources, always fast and responsive throughout the entire time.»

    Luisa D., 04/2022
  • «My consultant presented herself increably competent and caring. Not only she did solve everything that was proposed (and more), but also demonstrated empathy that kept us calm and positive throughout the entire process.»

    Rafael S., 04/2022
  • «Thank you for taking care of us, your professionalism and your consistency has gone along ways.»

    Angel M., 05/2021
  • «What I appreciated very much? Good in explaining and the right attitude which the counsellor holds.»

    Balaji K., 10/2019
  • «What I appreciated the most? Very good knowledge of the market and relations with real estate agencies.»

    Matthieu C., 08/2019
  • «What I appreciated the most? Communication in English and logistics.»

    Artem, 10/2019


Multinational-Companies Relocation Consulting Firm Of The Year In France – 2024
«Multinational-Companies Relocation Consulting Firm of the Year in France – 2024»

The CorporateINTL award is a globally recognized accolade that honors companies for their innovation, growth, and excellence within their respective industries. It is a prestigious marker of success, highlighting organizations that not only excel in their services but also demonstrate significant contributions to their field and best practices in the industry.

Innovation and Excellence Award 2023
«Innovation and Excellence Award 2023»

Our relocation agency, Management Mobility Consulting, is proud to announce the winning of the 'Innovation and Excellence Award 2023' in the category of 'Relocation Specialists of the Year'. This achievement marks our second victory in this esteemed category, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to innovative relocation management and high-quality service delivery.

Re:locate Award Destination Services Provider of the Year – 2019
«Re:locate Award “Destination Services Provider of the Year” – 2019»

Three is the magic number! Management Mobility Consulting once again won the "Re:locate Award" as the best relocation service provider, for the third time.

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